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How to find the best IAS coaching in India?

Civil Services exam is one of the toughest exams to crack in India. To excel at them you need a meticulous schedule, training and preparation. Everybody though have different needs and methods, it is essential to find the perfect fit of coaching to the requirements of the student. Thus when finding the best IAS coaching you need to keep in mind some essential points:-

Track Record of the Institute

A track record is the passing percentage of the previous students that have gone to the institute. Previous years passing record helps you to gauge the capability of the institute. Though don’t believe the advertised marketing of an institute, search properly and find if their claims and record is genuine.

Student Reviews

Ask your seniors and mentors about the credibility of the coaching and then dig up some information about the institute that you may find. Look for descriptive reviews that provide useful information and also balance that out with negative reviews if any. If you can correspond with any individual that has already enrolled in the same you can get a very clear perspective.


Now the faculty makes the crux of an institute and you need to find if the faculty has relevant experience and teaching quality. To find about the experiences you can check out their web presence and social profiles which will give you enough information.

Study Material

The stark difference between the good study material and quality study material is the focus and clarity on what’s important. If the institute is providing you quality study material the hassle of compiling information is already eliminated, making the studying easier.


The infrastructure also means a good learning environment with minimal distractions where you can focus. Try to visit the coaching and see for yourself the structure of classes and how many numbers of students each batch holds. If visiting coaching seems daunting you can check out photos on reviews but beware of outdated content.

Fee Structure

Check out the fee structure of the coaching and compare it with others before you enrol. Also, compare the facilities that are provided and understand if you require them based on your needs.

Few tips and tricks-

Researching new coaching can be an overwhelming task and thus you should check out some online coaching aggregator who has a list of coaching with information on the example

Mapaguru- Though only available in Indore and Bangalore currently, the extensive database they provide with reviews, course details, infrastructure and information on faculty with online payment options makes life easier for students.

EduGorilla- A huge directly of coaching where you can find up-to-date information that helps you compare and decide on the best coaching.

Read some quora answer about your city or location.

UrbanPro- The good feature here is the reviews from industry specialists that give you in-depth and precise idea of the strengths and weakness of the coaching center.

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