I truly believe that our habits are what that make or break us. The general perception is that, it is very easier to form a bad habit than a good one. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Recently I came across a very profound finding. It is a method called Tiny Habits and is developed by a Stanford University professor named BJ Fogg. It is a Free 5 day program which will not take more than a few minutes a day. I have tried it myself and have found it immensely rewarding and hence wanted to share the same with my young friends. Do take out some time and visit http://tinyhabits.com/ and try to learn and more importantly, apply those principles in Life. It can transform your life if done sincerely

· Disclaimer: CollegeDoor has not association with BJ Fogg or tinyhabits.com, I am merely sharing it as I found it very useful and hope it can benefit you too

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