Are you fascinated by Space? Do you ponder over questions like how life originated in earth? If so then then Astrobiology is the field for you. Astrobiology deals with three fundamental questions

To understand the origin of life and its evolution.To probe for extraterrestrial life, especially intelligent life.To understand the future of life on Earth and extraterrestrial life.

Astrobiology is a combination of knowledge and techniques from many fields which includes astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology, atmospheric science, oceanography and aeronautical engineering

What are the Career Prospects? This is primarily a research career with space agencies like NASA, European Space Agency or related agencies

Current Opportunities to learn

WSW+16 International short-course is a special course designed by a team of scientists to advance the objectives and purpose of World Space Week. It is part of the official Center for United Nations WSW+16 Program Registration cost is just Rs. 499/- and you will earn International Certificate. If you are a student who aspire to know more about space sciences or to join space agencies like NASA, ISRO and ESA, you should definitely do this course. NASA conducts these education program named Spaceward Bound. The objective is for participating scientific researchers, educators and students to visit remote and extreme environments in different parts of the world and conduct astrogeological/biological experiments, make observations and learn about the origin, sustenance and adaptation of living organisms within such biospheres. Follow the site for Remote Participation, Webinars and Blogs. It can be an invaluable opportunity if space is your calling

Where to Study Astrobiology is a relatively new field with very few universities offering dedicated undergraduate courses. Most of them are in United States and we are listing a few course below.

Florida Institute of Technology, USA of Washington, USA State University

But there is no need to get disappointed if you can’t study in US. Astrobiology is an interdisciplinary subject. So you can actually study any subject like Aeronautics & Astronautics, Astronomy, Atmospheric Sciences, Biology, Biochemistry, Earth & Space Sciences, Environmental & Forest Sciences, Genome Sciences, Microbiology, Oceanography and then specialize on Astrobiology after you graduate. At the same time, it is imperative that you keep on participating in all the courses and programs that happen remotely or are offered by Open Universities

Important Links Lot of good materials. Excellent Classroom materials to learn about Astrobiology Excellent materials by University of Washington where they have segregated the materials in terms of different levels of education right from primary to college students A part of the Mars Education at Arizona State University program sponsored byNASA, gives middle and high school students an opportunity to take a crack at planning an astrobiology-specific NASA science mission to Mars, helping them to learn how science and systems engineering play a part in achieving their goal. The Astrobiology Primer is designed to provide a basic, but comprehensive, introduction to the field of astrobiology. It is an excellent source to learn about all things Astrobiology but we believe that it may be a bit too advance for +2 students. An excellent Blog on AstroBiology by Lewis Dartnell Indian Astrobiology Research Centre (IARC) conducts and encourages research in Astrobiology. Follow ‎@AstrobioIARC in Twitter for updates bout

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